Family and Domestic Violence Bill passes the 2024 Northern Territory Youth Parliament with bipartisan support


The Northern Territory Youth Parliament recently passed the Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Education delivered in Secondary Schools Bill 2024 supported by the whole chamber.

The Bill was introduced by members for Barkly and addresses the cycle of violence through prevention education in secondary schools.


The Youth Chief Minister Armani Francois said it was necessary the Bill had bipartisan support.

“As the Youth Government it was important we brought this Bill to the chamber to do our active part in putting a stop to family domestic and sexual violence.

“Everyone in both parties were selfless and felt the weight of the issue, acknowledging all those affected, and wanting to cement an empathic and understanding Territory.

“We all held this as our responsibility to the future of the Territory,” she said.


Youth Deputy Chief Minister and Member for Barkly Beyonce Spratt expressed support for families and individuals who have experienced family, domestic and sexual violence.

“We hear you, we see you, and we stand with you,” she said.


Additional quotes attributable to Armani Francois, Youth Chief Minister

This Bill aims to stop the cycle, starting with our secondary schools discussing topics that take part in these terrible issues, creating awareness so our youth can identify and call it out.

We were presented with amendments to consider, and we considered them all because it showed the opposition was actively aware of this issue and wanted to also make this a reality.

We as the Youth Government admired and thanked the opposition for their hard work on strengthening this bill so it could pass.


Quotes attributable to Jordan Humphreys, Youth Deputy Leader of the Opposition

We worked tirelessly to include amendments that strengthened the bill, to ensure it was the best it could possibly be for Territorians.

We stand firmly with all victims of family, domestic and sexual violence, and offer our support to them and their families.

The only way to solve this issue is to stop the cycle, starting with our young people. We need to set an example for them and show them that the only way to treat the women and family members in their life is with respect.

Doing our part in impacting the Future, for all Territorians.


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